Access Control System

Access Control Systems

You can control who can enter your facility or certain areas of your company’s building with our access control system installations. Installing access control systems is an effective approach to prevent unwanted entrance to your premises, which is very important for your employees’ safety and security, as well as the protection of your systems, assets, and buildings.

You can use access control to prevent some employees from getting access to sensitive areas. This also let you to manage as well as monitor the access of your company’s employees at all times. They can also be easily connected with gates, road barriers, CCTV, and intruder alarms and thus provide a physical security barrier for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

These days, an access control system can restrict access to workstations or printers, as well as control access to nearly anything, including specific computer files. Access to particular offices or any guarded portions of your facility, such as conference rooms and storage facilities, can be controlled using such a system. The use of an “access card,” which has largely replaced the use of a key in recent years, is the most common method of access control. You can restrict, monitor and control access to only those employees who you believe should have access to specified places by programming the access card accordingly. It also allows the company to keep costs under control by keeping track of who did what when and for how long. For example, if someone is copying entire books on the copy machine, you’ll know who did it, when they did it, and how many copies they created.

Access Control Installation Systems in San Francisco Bay Area

We install access control systems across San Francisco, ranging from a small entry door controller to a complicated package that monitors as well as controls certain areas or provide monitored access on a temporary basis.

If you need multi-site access management from a single central monitoring station that controls gates, doors, and CCTV then our technicians can also link it.

Access Control Cards, Fobs, and Fingerprints

Door access control cards are simple and inexpensive to distribute to employees and others, such as contractors, to allow them entry to your premises while also allowing you to restrict where they can go and how long they may stay. At the push of a computer button, cards can be made active or inactive, and they can be programmed and issued in seconds. Access card technology can be used for everything from a single point of access to multi-site applications to multi-door. Collecting and reprogramming cards are simple. Corporate messaging can be imprinted on them. They can include a photo ID and even a credit to allow for cashless transactions at the vending machines or canteen. Though magnetic swipe is still a popular method, modern card readers tend to be of the ‘press and touch’ type.

Fingerprint or retina readers are increasingly used in biometric access control systems. Retina scanning can be used on guests; however, it is most commonly used for high-security applications such as staff movement management. Fingerprint systems can be used for everything from a single point of access to multi-site applications and multi-doors. After a user’s fingerprint is scanned into the backend management system, it can be used similarly as an access control card.

Users of proximity fobs will be able to enter doors without needing to show the fob to a reader. They only serve as a means of entry and exit, but they will leave an audit trail so that movements can be tracked. All of these access control solutions, door entry systems, and types of access control readers are installed by The Monkey Locksmiths.

Staff database

A staff personnel database makes all of the systems run in a more efficient way and allows access levels to be assigned. To avoid double data entering, the system can be linked to an HR database. Unless you have prior installation skills, installing an access control system might be difficult. Our expert installers will ensure that you receive an optimized solution that delivers convenient and secure door access management at your home or office.

From start to finish, our skilled access control installers will supervise your access control installation. Our service is tailored to the most up-to-date door access control, smart card reader, and biometrics.


Site Assessment- Our professionals will conduct a detailed site inspection as well as design, starting with a basic floor plan schematic and then addressing your fundamental security needs and issues.

Access Control System Installation- We will install as well as optimize your access control system.

Cabling- Our access control experts will install and operate any video, Ethernet, or power cabling that is needed.

Configuration of Remote Workstations- For your access control system installation, we’ll use the user-friendly access control software and interface to connect, configure, and optimize remote workstations.

Documentation- For your door access control installation, we’ll give detailed, easy-to-understand documentation and archiving of system settings.