Privacy Policy

Full disclosure regarding this site data collection– right here! This info applies to this site, The Monkey Locksmith, and all communication, products, and services via this platform.

Personal and non-personal identification details:

This site offers a few options to those who want to contact us- we’re available here / via phone 24/7. Any online purchase / detailed communications will require users to fill in their personal info (name, e-mail, address, phone, credit card, service required)- this info is generated by each end-user and send to us 100% voluntarily, we only use this info to keep you informed in further security and locksmith data that you might find relevant, based on previous searches. We do not pass on any details outside this site. We don’t use your data for any other retails or private reasons. For users wanting to contact us anonymously – you can always leave your details blank / contact us via phone.

Ads and Third Party Websites:

In our products/store pages, as well as in other sections of this site, we might use a link leading you to a page sponsored by our suppliers/licensors / other third parties- the content displayed in each link is 100% separated from The Monkey Locksmith, and we do not have any control on the content displayed in these links. Any internal link in this site is our content and is under our professional supervision.       

Your privacy – our commitment:

We do not use the data you send out, or the data our system picks up (hours / general users locations / % of a purchase, etc.)- the only third party usage will be cited securing The Monkey Locksmith websites and online credit purchase. These third-party suppliers operate under strict security standards that prohibit them to use/pass on / publish any users’ data. We will use any relevant info you supply to keep you further informed in any sales/products/newsletters that we think you might find interesting, but you can stop receiving info from us any time with the press of one magical ‘unsubscribe’ link.  

Accepting the terms of use:

By using The Monkey Locksmith site you signify accepting these terms of use- if you disagree with any of the terms mentioned on this page- please sign out now. Otherwise, any continued use of this site is accepting all terms.