Lock Installation and Rekeying

Every lock in a home or business is put to a lot of usage. As a result, they can break at any time. For immediate assistance, we are available as your local locksmith in San Francisco. In order to protect your business, you’ll need to install an innovative lock quickly. Our skilled locksmiths will respond quickly to your call and install the lock as soon as possible.

We can handle any type of lock, whether it’s a standard or high-security lock. All you have to do is give us a call. When you have new doors, when you want to add locks to your existing doors for added protection, when you think it’s time for an upgrade, or in response to an insurance request, you may need our lock fitting services. Whatever the reason, our locksmith professionals are always available to help!

At The Monkey Locksmith, we are committed to providing reasonable and dependable services that maximize your property’s safety measures. One of our simplest, yet suitable, services is to rekey locks. The services of rekeying is done by our residential locksmiths are fast, proficient, and can give benefits similar to an innovative lock installation.

Our experts rekey all types of commercial and residential locks from the foremost companies! Whether you are interested in rekeying the locks of main door on a new residence or office space, rekeying your file cabinet locks, or are thinking about rekeying all your locks to an innovative master key system, our skilled locksmiths are here to assist! Our lock rekey services are supreme. We also take pride in ensuring your entire entrance way is protected and operational.